Monday, February 2, 2009

Nilipomuuliza kwamba nini mipango yake ya baadaye kisanii au katika sanaa bila kusita Nakaaya alinijibu kama ifuatavyo; To be better and better and the best there ever was in Tanzania and in Africa. Hiyo ilikuwa takribani mwaka mmoja uliopita.

Leo hii,Nakaaya anakuwa msanii wa kwanza kutoka Tanzania na Afrika Mashariki kwa ujumla kupata mkataba na kampuni ya SONY MUSIC yenye makao yake makuu jijini New York nchini Marekani.

Kwa habari zaidi soma ujumbe huo mahsusi kutoka kampuni ya SONY MUSIC kama ulivyosambazwa leo kwenye vyombo vya habari.Hongera sana sana Nakaaya.Keep doing ya thing!

Nakaaya’s Photo/Stephen Freiheit


An icon of contemporary Tanzanian music, Nakaaya, has been signed to Sony Music

Entertainment. Among the record label’s well-known subsidiaries are Columbia

Records, RCA Records and Epic records, just to mention a few. Nakaaya, who has

acquired a large following and growing fan base across the region, now makes

history by being the first East African artist ever to be signed to the second largest

record company in the world. The company’s roster includes internationallyacclaimed

artists such as Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Chris

Brown, Sean Kingston and many more.

The signing took place when Nakaaya was attending the “Music’s Relevance in Third

World Countries” Conference, in Copenhagen, Denmark, in late 2008. Sony Music

Entertainment spotted the Tanzanian artist during an interview with “Deadline,” on

the prominent Danish television channel, “DR2,” and immediately sought to sign her

up for a recording deal.

“We are very excited by having signed Nakaaya to our company. She’s an extremely

talented artist and we look forward to working with her in the future”, comments Peter

Groenbaek, Sony Music, on the signing.

After having burst onto the Tanzanian and East African music scene just two years

ago, Nakaaya’s popularity and recognition as one of the Region’s top artists

continues to grow, and her being signed by a major player in the international music

business is a milestone for her career and the East African music industry as a

whole. This historic signing is also a testimony to her talent and capability.

The lyrical content of Nakaaya’s music is inspired by social issues that have on-theground

relevance to Tanzanian, East African and indeed African audiences, with a

particular skew towards women and the plights of their everyday lives. Her musical

style is influenced largely by Hip Hop, R&B and some Afro flavour, and is essentially

a well-rounded depiction of Bongo Flava.

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